27 Fashion And Beauty Ideas To Try 2017

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I thought it would be fun to give some concrete examples on what one can try this year, fashion and beauty wise. Some points might be everyday life to some of you, but others will hopefully be fun and challenging! Here are 27 fashion and beauty ideas: 

27 fashion and beauty ideas to try 2017. Beauty, fashion, makeup, hair, skincare, styling, trends and more! | The Fashion Folks


    1. Mix more than two prints together! Try stripes and floral, or why not dots and zebra print? Read this guide if you’re unsure.
    2. Invest in a statement scarf. A statement scarf can add life to any outfit. May it be by color, fabric flow or print.
    3. Do your nails in a fun pattern. For instance, try the dotted nails and step out of your mani comfort zone.
    4. Balance three different colors in one outfit. Pick three contrasting or complementing colors and make it work by working with bottom, top and accessories.
    5. Wear sunnies even in the winter/fall. If you want to get that fashionable diva look on point you know that the answer is to work sunnies with a faux fur or so. Go statement and pick one in a fun shape.
    6. Do a natural face with a bold lipstick. As suggested here, keep your makeup natural and let the lips be the pop of the makeup look.
    7. French manicure but in bold colors. Do the regular french manicure set but choose other colors. I’d go for basic on the nail and a bold color on the tip. With basic I mean a faded grey base and a neon pink tip, or dove blue base and a gold tip! Whatever you prefer. 
    8. Buy a piece you love but are afraid to wear. You know that piece that’s out of your comfort zone? You should buy it this year, regardless of how scared you are to pull it off. Get some motivation here!
    9. Use more coconut oil, like to everything. Coconut oil is forever the savior of natural skincare and it works to almost anything. Like, eyebrows.
    1. Wear more braids. Braids are the perfect hairdo for keeping the hair in place during windy winter days but will also give you some nice waves for the day after.
    2. Black and white stripes with anything colorful. BW stripes are the basics of prints which makes them a perfect match for bold colors, think the 1960s. Go orange, pink, yellow or mint blue.
    3. A winged eyeliner in a different color. I know, we love our eyes dark and heavy, but with the 1980s makeup trends going strong – try the eyeliner in a different shade. What about Klein blue-ish or gold?
    4. If you don’t already own it, let this be the year when you invest in the perfect LBD. A LBD is a piece that will have your back at any time and regardless of how many times you wear it, will always look different and chic with new accessories and details.
    5. Go at least one week without makeup. This one might feel hard to do for some, but it’s an easy one to choose. The skin/face needs to rest from products and makeup!
    6. Wear high waisted pants with a tucked in tee. It’s chic, it’s simple and it’s casual. A tucked in tee gives the perfect vibe of looking fierce without trying.
    7. Match your outfit with your makeup to enhance the colors. Read this post if you’re uncertain, but matching makeup and outfit is a chic way of the fashion life. It’s all about the details, as always.
    8. Make it a habit to do a face mask at least once a week. Put one on before you shower, end the shower with washing the face. Productivity at its finest!
    9. Be creative regarding the hair, for instance, try one of these hairdos. A chic hairdo will work as a great accessory to the outfit!
  1. Embrace the 1980s and wear a neon color, regardless of yellow, pink, orange or green. Might as well go full 1980s while we’re at it. Check this post  for more fashion trends 2017.
  2. Try a fun makeup look from the runway as a change from the regular makeup go-to. The makeup magic often happens on the runway, and these three looks are no exception.
  3. Mix different textures in one outfit. Like faux leather and faux fur or faux suede and neoprene. Different textures are a chic statement but still not craycray! In fact, you’ll look on fleek without even trying.
  4. Keep on trying different mascaras in the quest on the perfect one for you. It’s out there (*I whisper desperately to myself*)
  5. Wear bright denim jeans and a striped top with red lips, at least once. It’s a contemporary version of french style, but ever so classic and ever so flattering. Works for anyone, regardless of style.
  6. Do a high ponytail if you want to feel more energized and empower. The force is real folks!
  7. Try any of these trends for 2017. Not only will the 1980s be big this year, but other trends like romantic bohemian and rock!
  8. Plan your outfits in advance. That way you can get more nuanced and creative outfits. Also skip the stressful hour in the morning. Read more ideas here!
  9. Instead of smokey eye, do a smudgy eye. I do think that a smudgy eye in a metallic shade is quite genius.

Folks, that were some fashion and beauty ideas 2017. What do you want to try this year?! Xx

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36 thoughts on “27 Fashion And Beauty Ideas To Try 2017

  1. I’m already wearing sunnies in winter and I couldn’t imagine living without! More than a fashion statement, my eyes are actually quite sensitive when the sun is low in the sky x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  2. There are so many of these that I need to try! Like keeping a neutral face and bold lips and being more creative with my hair. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  3. I LOVE the idea of mixing polka dots and zebra print, I’ve never tried it before, you’ve totally inspired me to give it a try! I’m working on improving my skincare regimen, so that I can opt for no makeup days more often because I’m not really one to enjoy the whole makeup application experience, haha, not to mention taking it all off at the end of the day, shrug! Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



  4. These are all so important, but wearing sunnies even in cold weather is something I definitely need to get better about! I actually thought of it the other day while driving into the sun after I had forgotten my sunglasses 😉 Also, COCONUT OIL IS EVERYTHING

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

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