Fall Meets Spring

So this time around every year, two kinds of people emerges. The ones who loves fall and the ones who simply don’t. To the first-named, congratulations, this is a time of awesomeness indeed. As for the rest, this is a post of happiness because fall meets spring.

Fall meets spring? Yes, cause fall doesn’t neccesarily needs to consist of heavy sweaters, dark colors, cozy socks and boots. No, this is the perfect time of the year to mix up the textures and let the easier palettes meet the heavier ones. Match darker shades with brighter, let silk be paired with wool, flowers with leafs. Kind of everything that usually is associated with the different seasons can be matched. Fall meets spring? Awesome we say’

To all of you still in doubt, here’s a fashion color chart that hopefully will give you some inspiration of how to match heavy fall colors and easy spring colors:

Fall Meets Spring

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