2 Tricks for Styling Your Beanie Fall 2021

I think the beanie is an often overlooked accessory and something people just add without second thought. And of course, nothing wrong with that, but if you knew how you could make the beanie a part of your outfit in a fashionable way, you’d also be more specific with how you wear your beanie. So here are two (only two!!!) ways you can make your beanie chic af. It’s so simple.

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Style Your Beanie Fall 2021

Matching Jacket/Sweater

If you own a colorful beanie, please do yourself a favor and match it with a jacket or sweater. Go for maybe a pink duo, a blue one or why not an orange one? Whatever beanie and jacket/sweater you have that are matching in hue. This will make your beanie a part of your outfit in a more distinct and popping way. Very fashionable! 

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Matching Accessories

The second thing you could do is to match your beanie with accessories. I’m not saying all accessories have to match, but going for a beanie and shoes in the same color are a genius move. That will definitely give you a more cohesive outfit. You could also match your beanie with your gloves or why not match them with your bag? Just find at least one or two elements to work with your beanie. 

Folks! How are you wearing the beanie fall 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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5 thoughts on “2 Tricks for Styling Your Beanie Fall 2021

  1. Hello Mia and happy Friday! I hope you had a good week 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us all these useful tips for the upcoming cold weather. Here in Barcelona the weather is still warm enough to just use a light jacket, which is good since it allows you to create some odd combinations.

    But I am excited about sweater, coats and beanies! I have to confess I didn’t wear a lot of beanies last year since I spent a lot of time at home due to lockdown. But seems everything seems to be a bit “normal” this autumn I could go a pick a colorful beanie for my outfit, I would love to have the one with the face by Acne Studios! Matching it with your clothes or accessories is definitely the best to look coordinated 😉


    1. Heyy Pablo! I think matching your beanie and jacket sounds like a great idea for fall. Especially if you go down the colorful route!! Xx

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