1920’s Essentials

So some parts of a 1920’s outfit are more important than others in the recreating of the look. Kind as we are, we’ve tracked384px-Lionel_Barrymore_&_Irene_Fenwick down the most important ones in this quick do! You find our 1920’s essentials below:

  • The length of the skirts were knee-length and the skirts themselves were plain straight!
  • Petite and round shaped hats (cloche hats) framed the outfits perfectly!
  • The little black dress is a key piece.
  • A 1920’s outfit often had some sort of geometric Art Déco influence in them. 
  • Sequins, fringe and sheer fabric!
  • Mark your “waist” by the hip with a belt!
  • Make sure to have a straight silhouette

The picture used is not the property of The Fashion Folks (public domain). Source here.

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