1920’s Brows

The 1920’s brows are definitely something else. A thin line, heavily defined and quite long – are characteristic factors for the 1920’s eyebrows. We mentioned them when we talked about the history of the eyebrows (read all about it here). As with a lot of other fashion and beauty statement during the era it was the flapper girls whom raised the level and led the way.

The eyebrows were plucked thin and marked with dark makeup. They were often painted rather straight and curved downwards by the ends. This gave an emotional and more rebellious look, which in a way captured the spirit of the era. For a flapper girl, the defined eyebrows were a must for the achieving of the right look and the history of eyebrows today always points out the 1920’s eyebrows as… something else. To us, seeing 1920’s eyebrows in a time where bushy eyebrows are trendy, the makeup look seems a bit off. But folks, believe us when we say that the 1920’s brows are the keener version of heavily plucked and painted eyebrows – look up the 1930’s ones!

Clara_Bow_Argentinean_Magazine_AD_3The picture used is not the property of The Fashion Folks (public domain). Source here.

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