18 Stylish Makeup Hacks To Do

So a natural follow up from last week’s 18 stylish fashion hacks, is the makeup version of it. So here are 18 stylish makeup hacks to do!  (and yes I’ll keep it short).

18 Stylish Makeup Hacks | The Fashion Folks

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    1. Pastel lips – I know, it’s still winter, but what’s a better way of embracing spring than to add some pastel colors to your lips? Make them semi-transparent if you’re uncertain. Peach for lips is the cutest (just see the pic below).
    2. Glitter eyes – Do your regular shadows/eye look and add some everyday magic with a top layer of glitter.
    3. Eyebrow focus – Apply a tiny amount of  coconut oil (what else) on your brows and brush them through. This adds some texture!
    4. Colorful makeup – As I wrote in this post, colorful makeup is going bigger. And why not go for a colorful eyeshadow? As in this?
    5. Multifunctional bronzer – Do your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Read more here.
    6. Quick pop – Skip the eyes and only do the eyebrows and bold lips. A striking contrast!
    7. Perfect red – Find your perfect red shade for your lips. Try one with more orange or one with more blue depending on if you have a warm or cold skin tone.
    8. Extra highlighter – Take the shimmery/golden eyeshadow and use as an highlighter if you’re out of the latter!
    9. Ombre lips – Add a pink lipstick in the center of the lips and a red one around it. Blend and you have an ombre!
  1. Colorful eyeliner – Change the black eyeliner to one in another color. Go for the darker shades if you want a smooth transition from the ordinary black. Try navy blue, forest green or a burgundy!
  2. Fresh eyes – Leave the lower lashes bare for a less messy look.
  3. Intensified eyes – Take an eyeshadow darker than your skin tone and apply it a few millimetres below the lower lash line, blend it properly so it creates a shadow. This will add some intensity!
  4. Quick lips – Just paint the lips with a lipliner and skip the lipstick if you need to have it fool-proof and all-day safe.
  5. Popping eyes – Pick a color that highlights your eye color in specific. Perhaps purple to green or pink to blue?
  6. Pro makeup – Don’t forget to apply foundation/powder/bronzer whatever to your neck as well. A foundation line is NOT stylish.
  7. Double strokes – Do your liner on the lid with an eyeliner pen first and then apply a coat of liquid liner. Easier to fill in the lines than to create them completely. Some people also think it works as a primer!
  8. Heavy eyes – Make a round “bounce” by the eye corner, so it follows the lines of the lashes, before you’re going pointy with it. This will make the lashes look heavier.
  9. One color hack – If you only want one color as eyeshadow, try to use two different shades of it. Use the darker shade in the crease and the outer corner. This will add some depth to the color and your eyes.

Folks! Share some of your best makeup hacks in the comments! Xx

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44 thoughts on “18 Stylish Makeup Hacks To Do

  1. Great hacks! It’s like you’re in my mind Mia! I’ve been dying to get around to experimenting with more colorful eye looks. They seem so fun, and Spring seems like the best time to experiment.

    Meant to say this yesterday, but I hope you have a lovely week!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  2. Such awesome suggestions here, as always, gorgeous! I love the idea of simple eye makeup, bold eyebrows and bold lips, it really does make for a beautiful contrast. That said, I also love the idea of pastel lipsticks, as well as bold shades such as orange-y red or just plain orange as we get closer to summer, so hot! I’ve been using coconut oil on my face nearly everyday since reading one of your hack posts and it’s cleared up my acne! I only have blemish marks, but the acne that was there has completely gone away and I haven’t broken out since (it’s been about 2wks now). That said, I need to try the hack on applying eyeliner pen first then the liquid. I only apply liquid liner, but it makes sense the pen would act as a base for it to adhere to, I must try! Thanks so much for sharing these tips with us, my gorgeous friend, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



  3. Thanks for compiling a list of makeup hacks! I love using bronzer as eyeshadow to darken my crease during winter, it really works lovely. Also, coconut oil has so many uses! Great post and have a great day!


  4. Cheers to bronzer as an eyeshadow! I do this with highlighter as well for days when I just don’t want to use a lot of product! And when I’m keeping it really low-key, a little bronzer in the crease of the eye goes a loooong way!


  5. You know you caught my eye with the coconut oil in the brows – YES, I’m always doing that. I love the idea of a pastel lip! It’s always a great way to jump ahead to spring. Also, I’ve been guilty of adding in a lot of highlighter – this is inspiring me to keep going 😉

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

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