12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

So coconut oil is the glue to (beauty) life and we all know it by now! If you don’t, welcome to the club! Your life will be different now (sort of). Anyways, I thought it’d be about time to declare the coconut oil-love once and for all with 12 ways to use coconut oil.  Because we love ‘em lists! 

12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil | The Fashion Folks

12 ways to use coconut oil

  1. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is one of the best options for a natural moisturizer. It works equally as good for the face as the rest of the body. If you’ve showered, or just washed your face or are suffering from winter skin – go for the coconut oil! Some people experience though that coconut oil clogs the pores, so see what works for you!
  2. Highlighter – I’ve talked about it here, but coconut oil as a highlighter is genius. It gives a natural, subtle, glow and makes your skin looks radiant without the use of makeup. Apply some on the cheekbones, nose tip and upper lip!
  3. Makeup Remover – If you’re also having a hard time getting all the makeup removed the first time, coconut oil might be the solution for you. Just put some on a cotton pad and rub it gently on the areas you have makeup. I personally think it works best for removing eye makeup and also lips!
  4. In tea/coffee – I’m not a nutritionist so I’m not gonna say anything about the health beneficial facts that might or might not come of it, but a teaspoon of coconut oil in the tea adds a nice taste! I love it in my raspberry tea!
  5. Shaving Balm – If you remove body hair, you might want to consider using coconut oil next time. The oil works perfectly as a shaving balm and has moisturizing qualities at the same time too. Just be sure to remove the excessive oil with an old towel and then shower again. 
  6. DIY Scrub – Take some coconut oil and mix it with something with a good texture (coffee, sugar, sea salt). Add some honey and scrub your skin! Natural, cheap and easy! 
  7. Eyebrows/Lashes – Apply coconut oil daily on your lashes/brows! I did a long post on it here. Worked for me and hopefully works for you too! I think about it this way: we give our hair enormous with love but often forgets the brows/lashes when it comes to some extra care! Lashes/eyebrows are hair too and definitely deserves the love.
  8. DIY Mask – If you’re not one for scrubs, try a DIY mask with coconut oil. For instance, check these ones!
  9. Sooth anything – Whenever I get a paper cut, or other wounds that stings,  I apply coconut oil. It gives a soothing feeling and makes the paper cut less annoying for the moment at least!
  10. Hair oil – Oil and hair in combination is a match that’s been for centuries. Coconut oil is no exception to this and gives nutrition to the hair and is also moisturizing.
  11. Lip Balm – If I’m out of lip balm I always use coconut oil. Not only does it taste yummy (haha) but it’s also helps with chapped lips!
  12. Cuticle Care – Lastly, coconut oil is great for cuticle care. Apply the coconut oil and rub it in. They’ll feel and look better!

Folks! What are your best tips on using coconut oil? Drop a comment as usual!

32 thoughts on “12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

  1. YES THIS! I just started using coconut oil as a body moisturizer this month, and I’m sold! It’s my favorite. I understand the hype completely now. I need to try some of those masks next, what a great resource!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  2. These are all perfect ways to use coconut oil <3 but the newest from this list was as a highlighter! That's so neat – I'll need to try that one out!

  3. I’ve tried for the first time coconut oil almost a year ago and I beacame addicted in no time!
    For hair is perfect (I do a mask of it and I keep it on 3-4 hours before washing, and after my hair is like silk!) and it’s wonderful even on my sensitive and pretty dry skin and lips!
    Great tips, hun wanna try many of the use you listed! 😀

  4. It’s so funny because this morning I was looking up some all natural remedies to help clear up my skin and of course, the most suggested was coconut oil. But, the sources I was looking at didn’t share such extensive uses; I’ve never thought to add it to my coffee or tea before, I’ll definitely have to give it a try! I’m almost finished with my $30 moisturizer that did absolutely nothing, lol, so I’ll be using coconut oil instead. I’ll also give it try with removing my makeup. I’m almost finished with my micellar water and before I go out and repurchase, I’ll try this. If it works just as good, I’ll just stick with the coconut oil. Seriously, this is such a one and done product! Thank so much for sharing such a helpful and informative post with us, beauty, and I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far!



    1. Hahah seriously though, coconut oil seems to be the number 1 beauty thing. No matter if one speaks about the face, hair or body! Hope the coconut oil will do the trick as a moisturizer for you babe, haha it’s kind of a cheap hack tbh! Xx


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