11 Festive Fashion Ideas

Folks! I did 11 Festive Beauty Ideas on Monday, so why not sum up this week with 11 festive fashion ideas, for anyone who wants to add a little sparkle? I could just write that you should invest in a festive jumper with a Christmas motive, but as fashion folks, I know we all want to keep things a bit more classy. Even though I love ‘em jumpers!

11 Festive Fashion Ideas + Christmas Inspiration | The Fashion Folks

11 Festive Fashion ideas

Metallic Fabric

Wearing clothing pieces that are metallic is a great way of adding the festive joy. Metallic clothes catches the light in a sparkling way and is perfect for the season. To keep a balance between casual and festive, I’d head for simple everyday clothes but with a metallic touch! Read more about makeup metallics here!

Candy Cane

If you’re heading for red and white dots, why not go for red and white stripes? Perhaps it’s my love for french fashion in this one, but a red and white striped top IS festive. A knitted one is even better. I wouldn’t solely go for the stripes either, but also embrace the color combination of red and white. It’s crispy, chic and a reflection of the holidays!

Knitted pieces

Well, you already know my love and idea of sweater weather. What is more cozy than a knitted sweater? Or a knitted beanie or a knitted anything? An oversized knitted piece is perfect in tune with cold weather and adds the winter feeling anytime if you ask me. Try one in metallic if you want a chic contrast!


Adding small pieces of Christmas to your outfit is not only the cutest sentence, but also a great idea. I’m not going for decoration of a Christmas tree, but add a red scarf, green gloves a red beanie etc. If you’re uncertain about the power of accessories, catch a full post here on the subject!

Christmas Combinations

I stated in this post that red and green is a chic color combination. Adding to that list is also red & white. If you want to opt for an old Christmas feeling, I’d also do grey. Grey is  a classic color for the holidays as well, and gives some balance to all the colors and sparkling. Grey & red is a lovely combo, so is also grey & green. What about a grey coat and a red hat? Yup, it’s a festive one!

Jewel Tones

So jewel tones are perhaps most associated with fall, by all rights. However, jewel tones are also partly associated with New Year’s, not to forget all the velvet dresses in jewel tones we’ll probably see this year! So I do think that jewel tones, if you want to avoid looking too much Christmas, is a perfect choice. They add the glam factor but they keep it subtle. Midnight blue, emerald green or purple – all are chic and festive fashion ideas!


Continuing the sparkly theme, adding embellishment is a great way of adding the glam factor. It’s not for nothing I’ve named the pinboard Essential Embellishment! Doing a statement necklace or statement earrings will make an outfit more festive. I’d add embellishment to a simple buttoned shirt, or a basic necklace to keep things in balance.


Now, I added this one more as a reminder for myself rather than an actual tips, but here we go: grey knitted boot socks are kind of everything. They won’t only keep your feet warm, they’ll also be a chic statement to your shoes/outfit. Read more about here on How To Stay Warm And Fashionable.

Red Bow

I talked about adding this to the hair in the beauty post, but it’s equally as cute to do it for the outfit (or why not shoes?!). Add a red bow to your buttoned shirt or do a smaller one as  a choker. A red choker in velvet as a bow is actually kind of the best balance of fashion and festive I can think of at the moment. Haha, gotta get it myself!


A layered outfit is not only perfect for the weather, but also the definition of cozy. Doing a layered outfit for the season is perfect when keeping things casual but also seasonal. I’d do a layered outfit in festive colors, with one piece in red or green! Or just add a scarf if you want to keep it easy.


Lace is perhaps an all year around thing, though it also has the festive tone in it. Just getting the glam factor higher by doing a lace piece is simple and effective. I’d do a lace piece in jewel tones, or black, and keep it casual by perhaps a knitted piece or jeans. Everything for staying everyday sane but still embrace the festive spirit!

Folks! What are your best festive fashion idea? Drop a comment below! Xx

80 thoughts on “11 Festive Fashion Ideas

  1. Lovely ideas! I’ve seen a lot of Metallic pieces in store and I’m so tempted. I really love this touch of gold or silver. I definitely love to layer during this time of the year and to wear lace. The red bow idea is great! It’s so cute and festive.
    Thanks for sharing dear.
    Have a great week!
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

  2. Some really amazing, festive ideas here, hun! 🙂 <3 I know that red, white and green are the typical Christmas colours, but personally, I feel more comfortable in neutrals and greys, which like you said, still suit the festive season! 🙂 Those bow shoes are absolutely gorgeous, by the way, what a fab idea! I quite like winter fashion in general, you get to wear jumpers and all sorts of pretty knitwear, which I definitely prefer to the typical summer trends. And even though I don't buy clothes very often, I actually picked up a couple of cute jumpers today, which got me really excited! 😀 Thank you for sharing these ideas, lovely. <3 xoxo Hope you're well!


    1. They do indeed, especially grey is a great color for the festive season if you ask me. Love it! Winter fashion is such a comfy period of knit, oversized and stylish layers. Love it though! That’s so awesome, hope you’ll show it on the blog!! Xx


  3. Incorporating jewel tones into festive looks is SO much fun and I love your idea of finding ways of getting red bows in outfits. The red-bow shoes are utterly adorable, and I’m definitely on board with wearing red velvet bows in my hair 🙂


  4. Sweater weather is the best weather! And cheers to jewel tones! I would seriously live in jewel tones if I could – they are magical! I have a pair of navy blue and a pair of burgundy otk boots and I adore them – they make any outfit instantly more chic!


  5. You’ve just got me so excited about December fashion all over again! My personal favorite go-to is a combination of metallic pieces and knitwear. It’s flawless, as are the other ideas you mentioned! I also really love pops of red, i.e. a statement coat or a pair of heels. That always brings a little festive cheer.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. I have a Christmas jumper with a reindeer pattern… that’s pretty much all I plan on wearing this month haha! Love these suggestions, lace is such an elegant item to wear this season 🙂


  7. Lace and layers are my go to for this season. I also love that green skirt! It’s beautiful!

    Fariha | blog.farihawajid.com

  8. I absolutely love the idea of wearing red and white stripes for the holiday season, I’ve never really looked at it in a festive way before, but you’re so right! I also love the look of grey combined with either red or green, I think they make for chic, festive combinations. Thanks so much for sharing ways we can look festive and chic this season, beauty, you always share the best ideas and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



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