10 Ways To Wear Floral Print 2017

Folks! You all loved 16 Ways To Wear Stripes 2017, so I thought we’d continue with 10 ways to wear floral print 2017. Because yes, we all know that floral print is the new black for spring. As always!

Wear Floral Print 2017 | The Fashion Folks

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Wear Floral Print 2017

1. Florals to leather

I’ll never stop giving styling tips that are contrasting. It’s truly A and O of a good outfit. And as florals are romantic, sophisticated and delicate, a great material to contrast with is leather. Leather always adds a great touch of edge which is perfect for contrasting the sweet tone of flowers. Go for a floral dress and a leather jacket! Or why not a floral shirt and leather pants?

2. Florals with stripes

Yup, the best combo of the season is florals and stripes in combination. I bring it up in every other styling post, but too good to ignore. Go for stripes and florals in the same color and mix them two!

3. Dark romantic flowers

Even though dark flowers might be more natural for fall, they are equally as gorgeous to do for spring. In fact, if you’re one to go for the dark colors most of the time, a way to break it off can be by going for the floral print. Choose one in a dark tone and work it as your regular black/grey/brown shades!

4. Floral accessories

If you like to keep it minimal, floral accessories can be a lovely compromise. Go for a neutral outfit and add a belt with a floral print. Or do a bag with floral details, sunnies or a hat. Adding the flowers is a great way of adding the spring feeling without much effort. Read more here on dressing for a spring feeling.

5. Florals with florals

Mixing prints at a pro level is definitely equal to mixing two floral prints with one another. Go for similar colors, different sizes of the pattern or complete contrasting. For instance, if you’re working a yellow floral print, add a white floral print with yellow details. Easiest way to pick up colors and make the best of it.

6. Florals with color pop

The best trick of making the floral print look as good as possible is this one. I love to use this hack and do it for any print. How? Pick up a color from the floral print and use it for the other clothing piece/s. If you’re working a pink/red/purple floral skirt, pick up the pink color and go for a pink top. Or if you’re working a navy/yellow/green combination: pick up the navy for a darker outfit or the yellow for a bright one. Simple as that!

7. Bright flowers

The natural print to choose for spring is a bright one. So naturally, a bright floral print will be a gorgeous one to go for. If you love neutrals as white, grey, blush and beige. Adding a subtle print in those shades is perfect for keeping it subtle yet exciting.

8. Floral embroidery

Embroidery is still going strong 2017 and a simple, but genius, way of embracing embroidery is the floral version of it. Add the embroidery for a blouse, jeans, a jacket or anywhere they add the exciting touch.

9. Denim and flowers

The same way that leather is an exciting material to contrast the floral prints with, so is denim. Denim also has that edge to it and is favorable to add to the sophisticated feeling of floral. A floral dress and a denim jacket is a classic yet fantastic combination. So is also a boho floral blouse and a pair of 70s jeans. Love it!

10. Floral print after your style

As a floral print can have billions (or endless) of different appearances, you ought to find one that suits your style. For example, if you love a vintage/retro vibe: choose a floral print reminiscent of your preferred era. If you love the edgy street style vibe, pick a floral print that’s more edgy. If you love a minimalistic style, choose a subtle floral print.


Folks, how do you wear floral print 2017? With a specific material, color, style? Drop a comment and have a darling weekend! Xx

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30 thoughts on “10 Ways To Wear Floral Print 2017

  1. You always have some really inventive and interesting ways to wear current trends that really helps me think outside of the box. I need to try to floral and leather combo as the juxtaposition is just genius. I totally got distracted by your side blog posts and clicked on the Paris Fashion Week 2017 as I’ll be there so soon! Totally just got more Inspo for outfit ideas from you <3

    Rina Samantha

    1. I’m so so happy that you enjoy my tips/suggestions babe! Hahaha and so lovely with your upcoming Europe trip, shall look forward to learn more! Xx

  2. Who doesn’t love florals? I’ve always been keen on florals and stripes. And lately I’m all about the floral embroidery. I’m used to seeing it in Indian clothes. So it’s nice to see more embroidery here in the West on everyday clothes.

    xx Yasmin

    1. Florals and stripes is a lovely combo! Love the contrast and mix of them! Xx

    1. That sounds so chic though!! Floral print + faux leather is a great one! Xx

  3. Both floral to leather and dark romantic florals get thumbs up from me, though all of your suggestions are fabulous! There’s something really special about dark romantic floral prints, they can look so moody and mysterious.


    1. They do look moody and mysterious indeed! Hahah love the drama they bring! Xx

  4. Florals are indeed the ultimate spring representation! I particularly love the embroidered flowers on denim and on mesh, seeing all the it girls wearing those gorgeous dresses makes me want to pull that off, but I would need to first sort out my tan (or lack thereof!) 🙂 What is your favourite one, Mia? Have a lovely week ahead, sweetie ♥

    Saida | She talks Glam

    1. That’s a fashionable combo indeed! Can’t wait to see you pull it off! I love the combo of floral with floral atm, haha crazy I know, but love it! Xx

  5. What creative ideas for wearing styling florals! I personally love the way florals and stripes look paired together when I’m in the mood for some pattern mixing. I’ve yet to try florals and leather, though, you’ve definitely inspired me to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful inspiration and I hope you have a great weekend ahead, my dear friend!



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