10 Ways To Style Your White Sweater 2021

I’m pretty sure the majority of us owns a sweater, and it’s likely that the sweater is white. Well, regardless whether it’s true for you or not, I thought I’d share 10 ways you should and can style your white sweater 2021. I will do another one for black sweaters, so no worries if you don’t own a white sweater. But also, as with all things styling, you can of course work with whatever you got.

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Whiter Sweater 2021

Over a Shirt

A simple way to wear the white sweater is over a shirt. This will create a cozy, wearable, and timeless look. Really stylish if you also wear a pair of jeans for a monochromatic look, or why not leather pants for a more edgy one? You can of course also layer your white sweater with a flannel shirt or so. 

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With Red Lipstick

A pair of red lips will definitely give your white sweater that glam look. Love the idea of doing red lips and nails with your white sweater and get that cohesive look going. This combination is lovely with polka dot patterns or black/white stripes too!

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Under a Statement Jacket

I think everyone should own at least one statement jacket! They make the winter fashion life so much easier and more fun indeed. That’s why layering your white sweater with a statement jacket is a terrific idea! You can easily keep the look entertaining by colorful pants, patent leather leggings or something tulle!

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Over a Floral Dress

You can also match your floral dress and white sweater! This combination is cozy and quite timeless if you ask me. It doesn’t really matter what your floral dress look like, but if there’s some white in the pattern it’s definitely a plus. Add a pair of boots or dad sneakers for a more balanced outfit! 

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With Leather

Making the most out of the knitted material is a superb idea. I’m a big fan of wearing knitwear with leather! If you own a pair of leather pants/leggings/skirt, you have to try it with your knitted sweater. You could also go for patterned leggings or pants for a more vivid look! 

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Under a Vest

Vests are slowly finding their way back to the spotlight again, and what’s a better way of layering this winter than a vest and sweater combination? Doesn’t really matter if it’s a leather vest, suede or a knitted one – try it with your white sweater! 

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Over a Knitted Dress

Who says you can’t work knitwear with more knitwear? The knitted dresses are major this year and one way to work them is definitely with a white knitted sweater. This combination works the best if the dress is a bit more fitted. Or you can go for the loose silhouette style, if you secure it with a belt. 

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With High-Waisted Jeans

Tucking in your knitted sweater in a pair of high-waisted jeans is of course a must! Doesn’t really matter the style of the jeans as long as they’re high-waisted. A superb idea to go for this idea with a shirt under the sweater! 

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Under a Blazer

If you want to use your blazer as a jacket, make sure to wear a sweater under. It’ll definitely keep you warm, but it will also create a fun clash. A knitted sweater is often more casual, so it balances the more preppy style of the blazer. As white is neutral, it doesn’t really matter what color or pattern the blazer is!

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With Pastels

As you all know by now, white is terrific with any pastel. That’s why you should try pairing a pastel color with your white sweater. Doesn’t matter if it’s only a nail polish, a bag or a pair of earrings. Just go for whatever pastels you have! 

Folks! How are you styling your white sweater 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways To Style Your White Sweater 2021

  1. Wooow Mia, I love all of these looks! Which one I should copy first? Hahaha.

    I have a white sweater and I actually have styled it with leather and with some coats, but you gave me a cool idea to wear it over my shoulders, it looks so cool and it definitely adds a lot of interest to any outfit! Will do before winter comes to an end, promise!


    1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you like these styles. A white sweater is such a good item! Xx

  2. I never thought about pairing it over a floral dress before. So chic! I love that idea for the beginning of Spring, where it’s still cold but you’re ready to start wearing the fun florals. Have a great weekend!



    1. So true! The combination is a superb one for spring. So bright and refreshing! Xx

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