10 Ways You Can Style Your Leather Jacket Fall 2017

The leather jacket might be one of the most iconic and classic fashion piece of our time. Pretty sure almost every other person owns one or have had one (or several) hanging in their closets. The iconic clothing piece is especially a lovely go-to piece for fall with its layering ability and neutral style. Here’s some ideas on how to wear a leather jacket fall 2017, with a touch of trend (of course).

Versace Pre-Fall 2017 - Leather Jacket Fall 2017

Courtsey of Versace | Pre-Fall 2017

Leather Jacket Fall 2017

1. Nautical Style

If the navy style is associated with elegance, or a refined version of it, the leather jacket is a perfect clothing piece to contrast the style with. Go for the nautical stripes and details, but add the leather jacket to create a more dynamic look. If you go for a black leather jacket, contrast it with red/white stripes for a full effect. A tan leather jacket is a perfect match with anything navy blue, I’d even say it’s foolproof!

2. Keep It Layered

The layered season is, literally, a fashionable term for fall fashion and ever so true. The leather jacket in its classic style is favorable to layer clothes with. A buttoned shirt, a sweater over it and a leather jacket on top is a three layered outfit look anyone can pull off. Add a scarf if you want to go full inception with four layers.

3. Add The Denim

Two classics in combo can’t create anything but another classic combo look, something the denim and leather do in combination here. A pair of jeans or a denim shirt with a leather jacket is pretty much what every other fashionista turn to when in need of a foolproof outfit. Even more fun if you go for distressed denim or a pair of 70s to elevate the look with a twist or two. I love to add a bow  whenever I work the buttoned denim shirt so it matches the leather jacket. Easy and genius!

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4. Do Midi Style

The midi length is trending and is doing so big time. The perfect part about this trend is that it works well with leather jackets. Preferably leather jackets that are more cropped as it creates a nice balance in the silhouette. The midi lengths are often done by dresses or skirts which is another reason to contrast with a leather jacket to add some balance.

5. Buttoned Shirt

I already mentioned this hack in number 2,  but it’s too good not to get its own number. A buttoned shirt is perfect to go for under the leather jacket. Not only is it viewable if you keep the jacket closed, it’s also a basic piece to layer with. Go for a crispy white shirt or a denim shirt to keep it classic. Add a hat to give the look some structure.

6. Lace and Leather

If leather is rough and edgy, lace is delicate and refined. Conclusion? These two in combination are kind of too good to ignore. A nice lace top or dress is fun to match with a leather jacket as it creates a contrast between the statement textures. As the match is so perfect, I love to break it off with a third unexpected element, a leo clutch or a colorful makeup look will surely do.

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7. 70s Style

It’s already a fact that the 70s jeans are favorable to match with a leather jacket. But the rest of the 70s style works with the leather jacket too. I’m talking the boho style with its flowy prints, silhouettes and clothes. The structured leather jacket balances the maxi dresses, crochet textures and lively patterns. Go for a paisley jumpsuit and balance it with the leather.

8. Knitted Turtleneck

This one is for all of us with a deep love for fall. A knitted turtleneck is a must when going for the leather jacket. The knitted texture is soft and cozy which creates a balance with the leather material. Go for a red one if you want to keep it trendy for fall 2017!

9. Add A Top Layer

If your leather jacket is on the thinner side, you can easily add a top layer to it. A vest or an oversized coat will not only keep you warm but also be a fun element. I talked about this styling hack last year and you seemed to enjoy it, so why not share it again. Just remember that this works mainly with a thin and defined leather jacket as it avoids the bulkiness.

10. Contrast Texture

I’ve already hinted about using contrasting textures to pair with leather. Lace, knitwear, denim or whatever you prefer is a great way of creating some tension in an outfit. Faux fur and faux suede will also do the job to create an interesting balance.


Folks! How do you work the leather jacket fall 2017? Are you going full on statement or is it your true go-to piece? Drop a comment below! Xx

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38 thoughts on “10 Ways You Can Style Your Leather Jacket Fall 2017

  1. I was looking for a new leather jacket last year but I didn’t find one I liked, hopefully this winter I will find one that will suit my style! x


  2. These are all such great tips! I love my leather jacket! It’s constantly being worn during the fall and these are great ideas for a fresh look with it!

  3. Yessss to lace and leather! It’s such a gorgeously feminine and yet edgy-borderline-sexy combination of textures. Once again, your blog has been hugely inspiring with regard to styling suggestions! Have a fabulous weekend..


    1. It is indeed, the combination is striking. Hahah aww, thank you Gabrielle! Xx

  4. You’ve shared some really great tips for wearing such a classic fall staple! I love the way leather looks paired with denim jeans or a chambray shirt, so good! I also love the juxtaposition of it paired with feminine lace. Another way I like to sometime wear mine, is to layer a faux fur vest over it. I love the additional warmth it gives, as well as the cool contrast! Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. A faux fur vest over a jacket is a great pop of contrast! It adds a luxurious touch, doesn’t it?! Xx

  5. With leather jackets I can never find the right weather for it, it’s either too warm or too cold.

    The only time they ever see the light of day is during the beginning of Autumn when it’s not cold enough to wear a coat but warm enough for a leather jacket!

    This blog has really inspired me, will definitely be pulling out my leather tomorrow!


  6. This makes me wish I never gave my own leather jacket away! I love all of these ideas, though texture is my favorite. A knit with a leather jacket is the best. And a midi length too, of course. All three together. You get it lol.


    1. Hahah no, they’re so good! But yes, love the combo of jacket, midi length and good texture! Xx

  7. Oh yes a good biker jacket is always a great idea and a must in everyones wardrobe ♥ Such great styling Ideas babe – thanks for that ♥ Need to check my fall wardrobe anyways – coming back from summer holidays, I need to adapt to that rainy weather here very quickly 😉

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