10 Things Fashionistas Always Do

There are several ways you can stay on point in your fashion game. One of them is to know how the most fashionable folks are making the most out of their fashion life!  Here are 10 things fashionistas always do:

10 Things Fashionistas Always Do | The Fashion Folks

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Relies on the wardrobe basics

For the every day fashion style, fashionistas often relies on the wardrobe basics. I’m talking about the daily outfits that are casual and chic with that extra fashion touch. Building a style on wardrobe basics as: a black blazer, skinny jeans, a white tee (etc), are key for dressing stylish and manage the everyday stress. If you have some good basics to go to, you can easily work that floral midi dress without going crazy over the styling process. Why? Because your black blazer will always do!

Proof check their outfit

Proof checking the outfit is to make sure that any awkward situations for you won’t be caused by your outfit. What’s awkward to some, are not embarrassing to others. Generally speaking though, make sure you can lean forward without flashing anything you wouldn’t like. Make sure that your skirt/maxi dress isn’t going see-through in the wrong light. If you’re going braless you might want to secure the dress/top with some tape. Another way to proof check the outfit is to make sure that you can sit/move around freely in it. Some pencil skirts and tight dresses are way too uncomfortable!

Communicates something

This might sound completely pretentious, and I agree, but either you’ll get this or not: To some, fashion communicates more than the bounds of its functionality. Fashion can also reach a point where something is communicated. Perhaps you’re sending signals of energy by your choice of a yellow dress. Or you’re going artsy with a print of surrealism. An outfit of a fashionista says something more. At least a successful one!

Keeps it balanced

There’s no balance in how many times I use the word balance, but here we go again: balance is key in any outfit. This applies to everything, as everything is in need of balance. Balance as in colors to keep it interesting. Balance as in volume to keep the silhouette justifying. Balance in prints as in not going too crazy or too dull. Knowing when to add and when to remove is key for fashionistas. This is something that can be taught if you don’t have a sense for balance naturally (let me get back to that in another post), but a general styling tip is to add something contrasting. If you’re working an all navy outfit, add that pink blush to soften it up. It’s called: (yup, that’s right)  balance.

Stays inspired

The weirdest concept people have about inspiration and motivation, is that they are constant. They’re not. Inspiration and motivation needs their fair share of fuel too. That’s why staying inspired is important to many fashionable people as you always want to be at the top of your game. So be best friend with social media, or the glossy magazines, books or whatever you turn to for getting some inspiration. Do remember that fashion inspiration doesn’t have to be limited to seeing other people’s outfit, nature can be a source of inspiration to. For instance, the color mix in a flower or a bouquet. It sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but it kind of works if you’re open to it.

Try New Things

Yes, style is timeless and elegant and something to strive for. Blabla. Style will never stay a top feature in fashion if it remains without development however. Staying interesting, challenging and improving needs to come from a place of trying new things. Try that new trend, that new color or that new look. That’s the only way you’ll find out if you like it or not. You really don’t have anything to lose as either you’ll find a new favorite or you won’t. Simple as that.

Have a few go-to’s

This comes back to having a wardrobe of basics, but is slightly different. All of us have, more or less, clothing pieces that we always turn to whenever we feel like it. It can be on days your inspiration has hit rock bottom, or when you’re stressed as fudge and need something quick. Your favorite jumpsuit will be your friend. Or your favorite maxi dress. The key here is that your go-to shouldn’t be more than two clothing pieces in one look. That meaning, you won’t need five different pieces for your go-to look, but only throw on your beloved jumpsuit. See? It should be a quick one!

Accepts bad outfit days too

No one is immune to bad outfit days. There are ways you can decrease them though, of course, but a nuanced fashionista (lol, I really just wrote that), stays open to accepting bad outfit days too. A bad outfit day doesn’t solely has to be a day where the outfit looks bad, but a day where you’re not feeling your outfit. It simply doesn’t represent you today. Having a bad outfit day kind of comes back to the principle that it can be quite healthy to be bored in order for you to appreciate your happiness and have fun. Having a bad outfit day will definitely make your good outfit days even better.

Stays true to their style

Even though I do encourage you all to try new things and slightly change your style, it’s important to stay true to it. We are all different and look different and we do have different preference. So if you’re really not loving the color yellow on you, no need to try it only because it’s trending. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in jeans, well don’t take that path then! Have your style as the basis and add small new details to find new things to incorporate to your style.

Mix new and old

Another perspective on finding the balance between trying something new and staying true to your style comes back to mixing new and old. Mixing old and new as in: don’t forget all your beloved clothes only because you buy new ones. No need to buy a new closet when you’re tired of all your clothes, but to add a few new pieces. Then you’ll find yourself having a new setup of endless of styling alternatives. Suddenly your old denim dress will look way better with that new hat you bought. Or your classic black blazer will have a new purpose as it looks so good with that cute blouse. And so it goes!


Folks! Which one of these things fashionistas always do is the one you always do? Drop a comment! Xx

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26 thoughts on “10 Things Fashionistas Always Do

  1. I have to say I quite learned this post, I’m no fashion expert even tho I’m learning and expanding my horizon about fashion. I really enjoyed your article you made me open my eyes to something so simple that I never thought about it.

  2. Staying inspired and constantly trying new things are two really great points that anything remotely interested in fashion could/should do! I love your point about staying true to personal style as well, just because something is trending doesn’t mean it will be flattering (I’ve learnt that one the hard way! haha). Have a brilliant weekend babe 🙂


  3. These are all so true! It’s easy to dress great in once season and then maybe not so wonderful the next. To be consistent in your style can be difficult. If there’s anything I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, it’s rely on those wardrobe basics! Trends come and go – as fun as they are 😉 Have a great Thursday xx


  4. I’m a weird mix between try new things and stay true to your style. There are certain things that I tried on in the dressing room and realized they’re just for a different personality type. Like, I’ll incorporate something girly and flirty into my outfit, but it has to be balanced with something darker and edgier, because I know that my personality simply isn’t that girly. 🙁 No matter how much I want it to be!

    Ultimately, I’ve made peace with the fact that on my sh*tty days, I’m probably going to wear sh*tty clothes (aka, comfort clothes..like jeans, a hoodie and some flats). I don’t really mind that much. NYC is too busy for people to notice if you’re dressed sh*tty or not LOL. I think I would probably stick out a bit more if I were in Paris though.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  5. Bad outfit days happen all the time and it’s ok, we are not perfect every day. And sticking to your style is really important! x


  6. Can I have all the pieces in the first photo please? Thanks. These points are spot on. I think I need something new in my wardrobe…


  7. There were definitely times that as the day progressed, I was so done with my outfit and wanted to go home and change….but couldn’t, lol! It does happen to all of us. It’s so funny the things I do in the fitting room and before leaving the house to ensure a piece of clothing will work, I’ll jump up and down, squat, bend over, sit down, all to see if I should purchase it or step outside as is, lol. Eddie does look at me like I’m nuts when I do this at home, he just doesn’t get it, since he can’t relate of course. I LOVE to look for inspiration everywhere I possibly can, which is why I try not to restrict myself to a particular style, rather find inspo in everything and everyone. This is why appreciate individuality when it comes to fashion and making trends your own, instead of the uninformed look we see so much of on social media, I know you feel me. Anyway, this is such a great post, gorgeous; I hope you’re having a great day so far!



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