10 Ideas For Spring Beauty 2017

Time for part two of this post, 30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017! Today’s focus is spring beauty 2017 with some random ideas as well as beauty trends. Here are 10 ideas for spring: (and oh, check the slideshows for more inspo!)

Spring Beauty 2017

Colorful Manicure – French manicure has for long been associated with fresh nails. So what’s a better idea than changing the regular white tip to a colorful one and go fresh for spring? Try a hot pink, a baby blue or a green shade?

Gorgeous Glow – Another thing that’s associated with spring is glowing skin. If you don’t want to go full heavy with contour, just go for strobing (only highlighter that is) and highlight your cheekbones and nose tip. Go for a highlight in a bronzy shade to get a natural spring touch.

Red lips – Of course red lips are a perfect go-to for spring. Mainly because they work so well with spring trends such as stripes, florals and bright colors. Go for a warmer and lighter shade if you want to keep it summer-ish.

Pops of the 80s – The 1980s are trending (okey, we all know that now) and so is pops of colors in your makeup game. So what’s a better combination than going for some colorful spots in 1980s colors? Try hot pink or mint blue for the eyes and a bright purple for the lips. Or go more subtle as below!

White nails – All white nails are way too underrated. They are chic, goes to anything and makes the nails looks longer. Go for a white monochrome look for your nails this spring and you’ll be quite the trendy one.

Fake Freckles – Another sign of spring and summer is the increasing of freckles. I’m one of those people that get freckles from the sun, and I love it. I have no idea why people cover theirs up, freckles are gorgeous! If you don’t have freckles and want to try the look, take an eyebrow pen (that’s slightly darker than your skin) and do small and irregular dots!

Metallic lips – Metallic makeup is another trend for spring 2017 and one way to go about it is by the lips. Go for a shimmery shade (perhaps champagne, rose or golden?) and embrace the light 90s vibe. No need to go for glitter if you don’t feel like it, you can still keep the metallic game lowkey! A highlighter with some metallic shimmer is another way to do it.

Blushy Blush – Blush might not be the hottest makeup feature at the moment, but with the classic shade of blush being a major trend in fashion – why not go for a blush look this spring? Adding some color to the cheeks is a lovely way of giving some life to your winter tired face. (just see below!)

Pastel shades – Pastels are the gems of this season and lights up the mood perfectly. Talking about the 1960s last week, I’ve been more and more obsessed with the idea of going for pastel shades. Like baby blue with a heavy eyeliner or bright yellow? Or bubble pink lips?

Orange lips – Lips in shades of bright red or intense orange are also underrated. Orange is such a flattering color on many and a great change from the regular red. With a warm undertone it also embraces the bronzy shades and goes well with freckles too.

Folks! What will you be working for spring beauty 2017? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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62 thoughts on “10 Ideas For Spring Beauty 2017

  1. So many inspo, i just love it. I’ve been dying to try the blue shadow “trend” and now that i see it here as well, i’ll definitely give it a try.
    Have a nice day dear.

  2. I can’t believe blue eyeshadow is in! I don’t think I could ever pull it off if I tried it though lol. I love the exposed freckles look althought I don’t really have freckles as much as I have ugly sun spots lol. I love to hear that a red lip will be popular for Spring as I just recently sported one at fashion week last week!

    Rina Samantha

  3. There are so many great beauty trends this season! I love a white mani and it goes with everything! I like to pull out coral and red lipsticks too!

  4. I was just thinking of doing my nails to day as they are starting to get long and I think a French mani would look nice. I’ll try a colour tip, thanks for the idea!

  5. Ooh, thanks for the beauty trend information for Spring! I’ve bene massively enjoying giving my skin a serious ‘glow’ lately, and I’m definitely ready to jump on the colourful-manicure bandwagon 😉 Also, loving the sound of white nails; I haven’t done that since I was a teenager, so it might be fun to give it another try in a (hopefully) more sophisticated way, haha!


  6. I’ve been feeling blue eye shadow so hard lately, and this post is telling me that I should just do it. I will. Also, I adore freckles, and I really need to try giving myself a fake set. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  7. I know everyone is loving freckles, drawing them on or even tattooing them. However I’ve always wished I didn’t have mine, trying different creams to get rid of them, but they never left me. With time I learned to accept them, but find it very amusing how trendy they are now, seeing as they were one of the reasons I got bullied as a child.

    Anyway, too much rambling, can’t wait to try some of these spring beauty ideas.


  8. Great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Adi xx

  9. I’m one of those who hate freckles and cover them up when they came up when starting to take sun!^^
    For me is impossible to understand how people with perfect skin could want them, I’d like so much to have a face with no imperfections!
    Anyway, I really like almost every beauty trend you mentioned, especially colorful manicure and blushy blush, I think they both do fit so well springtime! 😀

  10. I love the suggestion for doing a more colorful spin on a classic French mani, especially in those pretty shades you’ve mentioned and I even think lavender would be pretty, too! I also love the idea of a bold red and orange lip. I went through a phase of wearing orange lips one spring and summer and haven’t worn it since, I have to! It reminds me of my aunt who never wore a classic red, but an orange lip daily, haha! She would often wear black and white with a pair of oversized black sunnies and that bold lip and she had a bob, yup, I wanted to be just like her when I was younger, haha! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



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