10 Fashionable Ways To Embrace Fall 2019

Fall 2019 is going strong and a fashionable way of reminding everyone, that now is the time to do all those fall things, is to make a list like this! Just 10 ideas on how you can make this fall season more cozy, more stylish and more peaceful (or something). Here’s some ideas on how to embrace fall 2019: 

Embrace Fall 2019
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Embrace Fall 2019

Fall Materials

First out is of course the fall material. Nothing screams fall than statement materials. Denim, (faux) fur, leather, suede, corduroy and knitwear are all great choices. Go for fall colors or earthy tones if you want to embrace the fall materials fully! An olive green knitted sweater? Yes please! 

Bronzy Shades

I love the metallics for fall and combining that with fall’s trendiest color is nothing but a fashionable idea. Bronzy, golden, copper shades are all stylish ideas for fall! Perhaps some accessories in the colors, or why not embrace the colors in your makeup? Some gold in your highlighter, a copper colored eyeshadow or why not a bronzy finish? 

Heavier Scents

Whether we’re talking scented candles or perfumes, the spicy scents of fall are a must if you want to achieve a high level of fall coziness! Light a scented candle when you wind down at night, or choose a body mist with tones of ginger, cinnamon or bergamot or whatever your favorite fall/winter scent is! 

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Colorful Nails

I love darker nail polish and fall is the ultimate season to embrace them. Black, oxeblood, a dark forest green or brown, plum – you name it! Darker nails are a stylish match if you wear fall colors or statement materials. Love to layer up with rings and bracelets that matches or contrasts the nails too! 

Layered Outfits

A must for fall is to layer your outfit! This season it might be extra important as the midi and maxi lengths are trending. A maxi or midi outfit is well-contrasted with a cropped jacket. It’s also chic to layer with longer coats to frame the outfit. Love the idea of going for a shirt, layer with a knitted clothing piece and finalizing the look with a statement material such as leather, faux fur or why not teddy? Also add a scarf for a more intense layered look!

Warm Coats

I wrote about the coats in this article, but can’t stress enough how important they are this season. They’ll surely keep you warm and they’ll be a nice final layer to any outfit. They’re fun to layer with more delicate dresses but also do more edgy with a pair of high boots. Finalize the outfit with a fedora hat or a beanie for the complete fall look! 

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Inspiration Marathon

What to do on a cold and rainy night? Well, how about going on an inspiration marathon? Dive into the most inspirational corners of social media (hello Pinterest!), read an inspiring book or watch your favorite movie. The secret to a successful inspiration marathon is to light a scented candle, curl up with a big blanket and have something to drink. Tea, red wine or why not a good ol’ hot chocolate?

Earthy Colors

The best colors this fall are the earthy colors. I’m talking colors that look a bit washed out and are more neutral compared to their more intense “original” colors. A faded orange, a dove blue, a cool olive green or anything camel, beige or brown? All of these are great choices if you want to go for more earthy shades! 

Home Spa

A must during fall is home spa! This is the season indeed to do that manicure or pedicure. Put a face mask. Do a scrub, take a shower and apply a nice body lotion. Put some relaxing background music or a podcast. Just take the time to take care of yourself and de-stress!

Blanket Scarves

Lastly, a must during fall are the blanket scarves! They are the best when it comes to staying warm, they’re great for layering and they’re a nice pop in the outfit. I have an oversized blanket scarf that’s houndstooth on one side and a red plaid pattern on the other side. It’s been a staple of mine for years! Cozy, warm and stylish! 

Folks! How are you embracing fall 2019? Give me your best tips in the comments below! Xx

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42 thoughts on “10 Fashionable Ways To Embrace Fall 2019

  1. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons, unfortunately I feel that sometimes it gets shorter and cold weather strikes way too fast haha!

    I like the proposals in this blog post, sometimes I feel that you don’t need to buy a lot in order to enjoy the season, we just have to give a twist to the garments we already own and style the things in a different way, something more related to creativity…. oh but heavier scents, I definitely need to get a new stronger perfume 🙂 !

    1. OH yes, that’s definitely my intention! We seldom need to buy a lot of new stuff, but just do tiny adjustments to have a better and more sustainable wardrobe! I also love the idea of focusing more on inspiration and translate that to your wardrobe, compared to going to a store and do it! Xx

  2. Sign me up for all of this! I love this little sliver of time before it gets freezing outside. It’s perfect to enjoy an at-home spa (and some hot chocolate!) and embrace the moody colors. Bronzy shades are just so beautiful – you’re making me want to rethink my makeup. Happy Tuesday, Mia!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

    1. Bronzy shades are so pretty indeed! Love that for fall. And yes, this is the perfect time for a home spa! Xx

  3. I love layering in autumn and blanket scarves are an essential for sure! While it’s spring here in Australia I do like wearing darker colours on my nails – although yes they get worn more often in the cooler months! 🙂

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂

    1. Yay! Darker colors on the nails are such a good statement during the colder months! Xx

  4. These are all such fantastic ways to embrace the season. I love the idea of an “inspiration marathon,” how great is that? And give me all the cozy textures, layers, and a yummy fall candle.

    1. Right? I’m definitely gonna do it this weekend! Just relax and get all that inspiration! Xx

  5. I’m all for the layering outfits and a cozy coat. My closet bursts almost with dresses, with the right layering I’m able to wear them in fall and winter too. As I’m always on the cold side so a coat that keeps me warm is a must as well.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Same here though! I have a lot of dresses and love to wear them during fall/winter with some layering! Xx

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