10 Beauty Hacks Summer 2017

We have a lot in common, you and I, but if there’s one thing in specific I know that we both love: it’s the combo of lists and hacks. So in honour of June approaching quickly, I’ve compiled a list of useful beauty hacks summer 2017:

Beauty Hacks Summer 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Foolproof Beach Waves

Fine, beach waves might be the most popular hair look on IG (like, ever), but they’re inevitably chic and perfect to do for summer too. The foolproof, natural, not harmful, way of doing them is to braid your hair loosely when it’s wet. Let the hair dry as braids and after a few hours you have some lovely waves! Be sure to not braid too tightly as you don’t want it to take forever to dry! Finish with some spray to make them last.

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are not only an issue of the winter months but quite common for summer too. Make sure to keep a lip balm with you on the go. If they still manage to get chapped, you can always go for a gentle scrub. Take some sugar and water, mix them two and scrub very gently on the lips. Add a moisturizing oil or lip balm right after.

Coconut Oil For Everything

I don’t even need to point out that The Fashion Folks is also known as The Coconut Folks, it’s a fact. Add the coconut oil to your dry skin, your dry hair, your dry lips or anywhere you need to moisturize. It also gives a nice glow and can sub for a highlighter. Read more here on the coconut oil!

Fresh Manicure

A sign of summer is what nail colors I choose to work. Love to feel energized by a popping color that adds the to the summer vibe. A pretty pink, a sunny yellow, mint blue or a bright orange will all do. Keeping the manicure fresh is perfect for going for the fashionable life too.

Makeup Free

This might not be a hack but more of a reminder: if you use makeup, the summer months are a lovely opportunity to let your face rest a bit. No need to add layers of foundation, powder, bronzer, contouring, highlighter and blush when you’re going to the beach. Even though makeup is fun, not going for makeup all the time is necessary.

Protect The Hair

Another, “almost a beauty hack” is to remember to protect your hair/scalp. You’re hair is highly affected by all the hours in the sun. So why not add the fashionable sun hat or tie a scarf? Or do a bun or a braid or any hairdo that will minimize the exposure?

Twice The Moisturize

First of all, cred to me for rhyming that title (*clapping hands emoji*). Moisturizing at least once a day is frequent in people’s routines. But as the summer is a period of hot temperatures, you might want to do it twice. One time in the morning to have a good layer for the day (don’t forget the SPF too) and one time in the evening as a “refill”. Hot temperatures + a lot of sun requires some extra moisturizing love.

Long Lasting Lipstick

Adding some color to the face, as in a lipstick, is a lovely thing to do for summer. But a summer day is often filled with activities (mainly just eating ice cream tbh), so it’s easy for the lipstick to fade quickly. Not to forget all the sweating. But instead of going for a lipstick, try to color your lips with a lip pen to get a better result. The look won’t be as intense as a lipstick, but still add a natural touch and last longer! Go color pop for real.

Summer Shades

One way to add the summer feeling is to change your regular go-to colors in makeup for more summer-friendly ones. If you always go for a dark deep red lipstick, try a darker orange or pink instead. Your blush could be changed for a nice bronzer. Or you could change your blush to a more pink/orange and “awake” one!

Sunny Sunnies

Perhaps the most obvious hack of them all, but sunnies will help you on the sunniest of days. Not only are they fashionable, but highly functional in protecting the face/eyes/skin from the sun; at least parts of it. So add the sunnies as a statement of fashion but also protection.


Folks! Which one of the beauty hacks summer 2017 do you always do? Moisturizing? Fashionable sun hat? Drop a sentence or two in the comment section!

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50 thoughts on “10 Beauty Hacks Summer 2017

  1. Such great tips and hacks!! I love the idea of soft natural waves with wet braids, I will try it asap 🙂 When I have chapped lips, I use the same scrub but with honey instead of water, it works like a charm! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. I agree about layers of foundation and caked on makeup. It isn’t good to look like your wearing any makeup at all. I tend to be very natural and when I do wear makeup I tend to use it to enhance my already lovely features. That is what makeup is for though. And I like seeing people with just a natural glow. This was a great list I really love your posts. Happy weekend gorgeous 🙂 http://www.bauchlefashion.com/2017/05/summers-best-bikini-wishlist.html

  3. Coconut oil is a life saver for summer. I always wear a hat or a scarf around my head to protect my hair while at the beach, it is so important to protect from the damaging rays of the sun.


    1. That sounds lovely though! Hahha kind of want a coral colored blush now! Xx

  4. A fresh manicure and long lasting lipstick are musts for me all year long. I do not like reapplying makeup throughout the day, so the lipstick is a definite necessity. I need to use more coconut oil. It’s so good for all parts of the body, even to cook with!


    1. Same here tbh, but definitely during the summer months! Coconut oil is lovely for cooking too, had it to halloumi today. So yummmy! Xx

    1. Ofc you can! Take it step by step if you’re feeling insecure! Xx

  5. I really need to give coconut a try for my super dry legs. And I need to get on getting my legs nice and hair-free now that its a little warmer out lol! I have been giving my face a break from makeup most days at work now to really try and let it breathe, hopefully it will pay off =). The first day I wore no concealer or foundation I was asked if I was sick… no.. I’m just not wearing makeup I replied lol!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahah that sounds like the combo for summer indeed! Hahah omg, how rude though? I know your still gorgeous as fudge makeup free! Xx

  6. These are all great beauty tips for summer! I love having a fresh manicure and I think I need to try coconut oil! I love coconut too and I hear it’s amazing for you! Thanks for this great list and have a great week!



  7. Girl, I need all the hacks I can get! These are all fantastic, and most are honestly things I forget about (that’s probably so bad), so thanks for the reminder.

    I hope you have a lovely week Mia!


  8. I hate the feeling of tons of makeup on my face during the summer, I don’t know how some people do it tbh! I just feel like I’m melting and I tend to get really cranky, lol. I’ve had to wear a bit more than I’d like for the past couple of years to conceal my acne, but after reading your hack list on coconut oil as a face moisturizer months ago, my face has completely cleared up. I think it’s been about 3 or 4 months without any pimples, which is huge for me because I was breaking out so badly and nothing seemed to work. So, this just might be the first summer I can tote around without any foundation on my off days, which I’m so looking forward to 🙂 Now you have me so excited to do my nails, which have been bare for about a week no, which is so not like me, but you know the the deal, pregnancy and fatigue and all that good stuff has been leaving me less enthused about doing them, haha. Thanks so much for sharing these hacks with us. I always enjoy them and learn something new to implement into my regimens! I hope you have a wonderful day, gorgeous!



    1. I hate it too, haha feels like the face is melting away! Ouch. Hahah anyways, I’m so happy that coconut oil really did the trick for you! Hope you’ll have a summer free of makeup! Xx

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