It started with a dress. I was seven years old and made a blue sequin dress with my mom for my birthday. I wore it with pink tights and it was the first time I felt the empowerment of clothes. Ever since, I’ve felt a strong connection to the world of fashion, in its physical shape but also in its cultural and historical context.

And this is what The Fashion Folks is a result of. I believe in fashion as a product of art, history and societal development, with fashion as an important layer to the cultural frames of our time. The eclecticity of fashion, as well as its playfulness, is what drives me to explore all the layers there is to it. The Fashion Folks is for anyone who’s trying to navigate through the world of fashion and beauty. This site is your compass, consult, friend and guide all in one.

On The Fashion Folks you find everything from a lesson in fashion history, a style guide on how to dress as the best version of you or the latest trend update. You’ll also find beauty hacks for your daily routine, makeup after season and how to be bold in your beauty life. In the  throwback posts, you can read about the history of the fashion I love today or the makeup of the 19th century. It started with a dress and now I’m here, sharing the world of fashion and beauty as I know it.

Founder and writer of The Fashion Folks

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